If you want to create an amazing GSA, you’ve come to the right place! This resource is for new and already-established Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs) or similar clubs. Learn how to establish or re-establish your group, identify your mission and goals, and assess your school’s climate. Jump Start your school and your GSA to create safer schools for all!

This guide consists of six sections; all are designed to help you bring new ideas and energy to your GSA!
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Learn about GSAs and find out how you can start one! Check out:



Unite your group around a common purpose, set goals, and find out how to get more members! Check out:



Learn how to ignite your community and spread your enthusiasm in:



Leadership is an art. These resources will help you become an amazing GSA leader:


Changing the world is no small task! These tools will help you overcome some of the most common obstacles GSAs face, including raising money and handling resistance to your club.


Legal Rights

If you started a GSA and feel your club is being treated differently or your administration has you jumping through hoops just to get it up and running, please visit these important sections. Student clubs in the U.S. do have rights. And if you are encountering harassment or discrimination personally, there are laws that protect you.


Courtesy of the California GSA Network

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